in energy costs and lifetime

Venlo, the Netherlands

The 88% reduction in energy consumption made Brookberries Venlo B.V. more CSR and economically involved.
Marcel Dings, Brookberries Venlo B.V.

LEDs are
the ideal,

sustainable replacement for the early cultivation of strawberries under glass.”


- Marcel Dings, co-owner of Brookberries Venlo B.V.

Marcel Dings, Brookberries Venlo B.V.

Customer challange

Since the sale of most incandescent lamp has been banned throughout the European Union, it is up to the growers to find alternatives that are at least as good for their crops. Dings and van den Eertwegh are making things even more difficult for themselves by also looking for an energy-efficient and sustainable solution.
Strawberries, Brookberries

The right lighting 


One of the most important advantages of LED lighting compared with incandescent lamps is the spectacular reduction in energy consumption. This was confirmed by the energy savings of 88%. This means a major improvement for the business operations and meets Brookberries’ express wish to grow crops with the environment in mind.

The LED flowering lamp with far red light can match the incandescent lamp with even better results. The plants respond well and, for instance, show improved elongation, making early and increased production possible.

Brookberries is convinced of the advantages of cyclic lighting with the energy-efficient LED flowering lamps that they’ve installed the LEDs on an area of over 7 hectares.

Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp


The flowering lamp is the alternative for extending day length for plants that are sensitive to the photoperiod.


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