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Van den Berg Roses

the Netherlands

The hope and expectation for Van den Berg Roses was that the extra light would lead to a significant rise in the production of Avalanche roses in an efficient way, without having to compromise on the high standard of quality.
vd Berg Roses, the Netherlands

The combination of 
interlighting and HPS

can increase production by as much as 30 per cent”

- Thijs van den Berg, Van den Berg Roses

vd Berg Roses, the Netherlands
vd Berg Roses, the Netherlands

The right lighting


Van den Berg Roses has expanded into a company that cultivates an area of 120,000 m2. They also like to push the boundaries − not just in a geographical sense but also in terms of their own knowledge and expertise.


From December 2010 to July 2011, after implementing LED interlighting, Van den Berg Roses harvested no less than 23 per cent more roses. The number of stems increased and the total weight of roses produced also rose by 17 per cent. As it turns out, at higher light levels the combination of HPS and interlighting gives rise to as much as a 30 per cent increase in production.


“Increased production levels and a better of quality of roses is in itself an amazing result, but working together with all of these specialist parties, sharing knowledge with the common aim of achieving more effective production makes working together with Philips a true partnership”, says Thijs van den Berg.

Philips GreenPower LED interlighting

Philips GreenPower LED interlighting

The interlighting module is a bi-directional lighting module for interlighting in between high wire vegetables e.g. tomatoes
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A true partnership

Van den Berg Roses


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