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Lighting Change with
Sukothai Hotel

Sukothai Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Sukothai Hotel has been established for 22 years and interior uniqueness lays in its World Class traditional Thai Style designs. Sukothai Hotel apiaceous layout and ambient lighting has blended in perfectly with the gorgeous surrounding garden.

To tackle
higher cost

of electricity, LED lighting has become a much more effective alternatives solution fo Sukothai Hotel. Along with their long life time, LED lighting has answered our need for cost effective solution ”

Customer challenge


SukothaiHotel find new cost effective alternatives to ensure our survival. We may not be able to dictate the unit price of energy, but we sure can determine our own usage. By changing to LEDsolutions, we are able to reduct power consumption by 8 times, Electrical bills generates 25% of our expenses, and with LED solution, we are able up to save 80% of this expense.

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The right lighting


We believe in Philips Lighting solutions in terms of quantity and product performance. Philips also stands out in dimmable solution, and their professional installation capability. Sukothai Hotel has the intention to use lighting solutions to enhance the ambience within the premises, along with the goal of reducing electrical expenses. Therefore, We put in a lot of effort in selecting LED Solutions to meet our expectation with LED’s longer lifetime, energy saving capability and dimmable technology, Sukothai Hotel has finally found an ideal solution to meet our ideal goal.

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Lighting Change with
Sukothai Hotel

The Team

Sukhothai Hotel

Sathorn Park Co.,Ltd.

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