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The perfect combination,

for every space

Getting the combination right


To help installers make the most of the technical and commercial potential of LED, new virtual packages called ‘Application bundles’ have been designed. Each bundle is based on a real-life application that will benefit from having the right combination of LED luminaires, or of luminaires and controls.

As most elements are part of the popular CoreLine range, compatibility is guaranteed, and installation is hassle-free.



In an office workspace, lighting can help people to concentrate, communicate and cooperate. The right light will create a healthy, comfortable and inspiring environment.


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Corridor lighting needs to facilitate the movement of people. It must provide a clear view, without consuming more energy than needed.


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Industrial applications require effective lighting where low energy and low maintenance are a must. The lighting also needs to create a clear, safe and pleasant environment.


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Storage spaces can be cramped and busy. With the right lighting, however, they can still be accessible and easy to navigate with clear, crisp light.


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Car Park


In car parks it’s most important that people can find their way quickly and safely - whether they are walking or driving. That means bright, instant-on lighting with no dark spaces.


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All of the Application bundles come with a targeted set of tools that help to convey the many benefits including application insights, lighting designs, a tool to calculate the savings in terms of total cost of ownership, details on how to apply the product combination in the bundle, and much much more.

Calculate the  
Total Costs of Ownership for Application Bundles 


The pressure on reducing energy, maintenance costs and operating costs will continue to increase so that climate change and budget objectives can be met. Understanding the total costs of an lighting installation over it's whole life time is becoming increasingly important as budgets become tighter and long term planning is required.


TCO tool for Application Bundles



Master LEDlamps

for general and accent lighting








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