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    Buriram Stadium

    Buriram Stadium
    Buriram, Thailand


    Advanced lighting solution help improve the standard of the stadium in order to serve an enhanced unique experience for local and national matches.


    We were looking for an
    advanced lighting

    solution to help improve the standard of the stadium in order to serve an enhanced unique entertaining experience for local and national matches. We hope that by doing this, Thailand’s soccer will become one of the leaders of Asia."

    Customer challenge


    Buriram stadium can hold a total of 14,000 spectators. Many suppliers offered many solutions, but Philips had the knowledge and expertise in lighting and offered more benefits. With the support of the professional team, Buriram stadium selected Philips to provide the sports lighting and LED solutions for the stadium.


    The right lighting

    Buriram stadium is a stadium located in Buriram, Thailand. It is currently used for football matches and is the home stadium of Buriram United of the Thai Premier League and Buriram of Regional League Division 2.

    Philips provided ArenaVision (MVF 403), Vaya Flood (LED), indoor products and other lighting solutions that provided extraordinary lighting performance with minimal energy consumption. In addition to the lighting for the football field, Philips also provided dynamic LED lighting that was interactive and enhanced the experience of watching a live match in the stadium.

    Sport Arena
    Buriram Stadium

    The Team





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