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    Primary schools, Roosendaal, Netherlands


    Learn how Philips is helping Roosendaal schools make huge energy savings.

    Primary school uses energy saving bulbs making children sensitive about global warming

    Children are the future and Philips can really make
    a difference here.”


    - Bas Klawer, Plant Manager / IPLC Manager, Roosendaal, Holland


    Classroom lit with Philips energy saving lighting
    Classroom in a primary school lit with Philips energy saving lighting

    Customer challenge


    Philips Roosendaal is creating a bright future for the environment – and for children in the local schools. To show that we can drastically reduce the use of energy in educational facilities, we offered to replace all of the outdated TL bulbs in Roosendaal’s schools for free.

    The right lighting 


    Energy waste in Roosendaal schools was about to become a thing of the past. To celebrate our 60-year existence in the town, Philips offered to upgrade the lighting in all local primary schools for free, using our cutting-edge TL lights. These TL bulbs are far more energy efficient than the ones currently used in schools, offices and factories, which account for 10% of global electricity consumption. They use less electricity, burn longer and contain almost 60% less mercury than comparable models from other manufacturers.


    Approximately 70 people, including employees of Philips Roosendaal and parents of locals, volunteered to help with the project. The new TL lights were installed around the schools, emitting a welcoming glow that creates a productive working environment. After the work was finished, Philips Roosendaal collected the old bulbs to ensure they were recycled in an environmentally responsible way.


    The project was supported with educational material, and celebrated with the children, parents and school staff. The children received a present, and each class received a toy polar bear, representing the animals which are threatened as a result of the greenhouse effect.


    Roosendaal will achieve C02 savings equivalent to five football pitches of fully grown trees. The bulbs are lowering energy costs for the schools, and in many situations the light yield is now better, helping children to focus in class.

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    The Team

    Philips Roosendaal, The Netherlands


    Primary schools Roosendaal


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