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    adaptable spaces

    Helsinki, Finland


    Find out how Planmeca is saving energy and wowing visitors with LED exhibition lighting.


    Philips exhibition lighting, which utilizes surface light, brings a modern and stylish ambience to Planmeca

    We chose
    a modern solution

    with which we are able to maintain a stylish and fashionable space for several years."


    - Jussi Ylisaari, After Sales Manager, Planmeca Ltd.

    Customer challenge


    Planmeca is a pioneer of modern dental designs. Its range of high-tech dental equipment and software is exported all around the world. For the renovation of its exhibition space, Planmeca needed exhibition lighting that would highlight the quality and color of its products.

    Philips surface lights illuminate the Planmeca exhibition, creating an energy-efficient and impressive atmosphere

    Showing products
    in their best light

    The Team

    Planmeca LTD


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