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    Safer walks

    to the hospital

    Asklepios Clinic St. Georg, Hamburg, Germany

    Find out how outdoor lighting solutions are making the grounds of Asklepios Clinic St. Georg feel safer.

    Philips Lighting illuminates the outside of Asklepios Clinic St. George creating a secure and enhanced atmosphere

    As part of the Green Hospital program,
    we have succeeded,

    in cooperation with our official partner Philips, in bringing about a significant ecological and economic improvement. Thanks to the extremely efficient LED solutions provided by Philips, we were nominated as an environment partner for the city of Hamburg.”
    Illumination by Philips Lighting creating a safe atmospehere for the parking lots of Asklepios Clinic St. George
    Philips Lighting gives bright lights to the road in parking area of  Asklepios Clinic St. George

    Customer challenge

    The Asklepios Clinic in Hamburg is a shining example of modern medical care. Treating 80,000 patients a year, it has a nationwide reputation for providing high-quality services. During exterior renovations, the clinic sought an energy-efficient lighting solution that would improve safety and comfort in the outside areas.

    The right lighting


    With the existing system comprising 175 lighting points covering 140,000 m2, upgrading the lights would not be easy. The clinic wanted to replace the outdated mercury-vapor lamps with modern LED ones. However, the new lights needed to match the building characteristics while utilizing the existing lamp fittings.


    Philips stepped up to the challenge. We installed 12 modular SpeedStar streetlamps along the visitor entrance on Lohmühlenstrasse. Some of the parking areas had previously been left in the shadows due to the tall trees, but the arching design and bright beams of the new parking lot lighting corrected this problem. Across the pavement, we replaced the old lamps with nine modular CitySpirit LEDs, which create decorative accents and bright illumination that cuts through darkness.


    CitySoul LEDs were installed around the clinic’s grounds and in Kirschbaumallee , the hospital’s central thoroughfare. The consistent quality of light now makes the clinic exterior a pleasant and safe place to be at night, with improved navigation for visitors. The ecological goals have been met, too – in 2011, the clinic received the Hamburg Environmental Partnership certificate, in recognition of its green efforts.


    Since the outdoor lighting solutions were introduced, the clinic has saved 52,800kWh per annum. This is a 55% reduction on the former yearly rate. In addition, the new lights in Kirschbaumallee have delivered an impressive energy saving of 90%.

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