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    Soothing ambience,

    calmer patients

    Princess Alexandra Hospital,
    Harlow, United Kingdom

    Find out how hospital lighting is making scans less stressful at Princess Alexandra Hospital.
    MRI scans are completed in this Princess Alexandra Hospital examination room, lit using Philips hospital lighting

    Since using the new scanner with
    the dynamic lighting effects

    we have been able to increase the number of successful scans from 25 to about 38 per day.”


    - Suzanne Browne, Superintendent Radiographer

    Customer challenge


    The Princess Alexandra Hospital is a pioneer in patient care. Seeking a way to reduce patient anxiety during X-ray and CT scans, the hospital was exploring the possibilities that technology offers. Could light be the answer?

    The right lighting


    The hospital is taking patient care forward by leaps and bounds. At the same time as commissioning a state-of-the-art CT scanner, the hospital looked into dynamic lighting as a way to help patients relax during scans.


    The Ambiscene light system proved to be the answer. Filling the room with soft, tranquil light, it helps patients to feel at ease during procedures. The lighting can change almost endlessly, in color, intensity and tone. Its simple control system makes it easy for clinicians to change the color palette according to the needs of the situation, or on patient request. The light is supplied by LED cove lighting fixtures, which line the perimeter of the room.


    “Experience shows that medical procedures such as CT or MRI scans can make some patients, particularly children, feel quite anxious”, said Suzanne Browne, Superintendent Radiographer explains. “The coloured lighting effects in the room help create a more comforting atmosphere for patients. We have found that it reduces their anxiety levels. It also softens this typically sterile environment, making it a far more pleasant environment for our Radiographers to work in!”


    As well as providing welcome distractions, the light can be used to communicate with the patient, for example giving them a color to indicate they should hold their breath. Staff have found that yellow light makes it easier for them to measure varicose veins.

    Less stress
    for medical staff

    The Team

    Princess Alexandra Hospital


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