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    a hotel’s image

    Marriott Hotel,
    Frankfurt, Germany  


    Find out how hotel lighting is revitalizing the Frankfurt Marriott’s image


    The Marriott Frankfurt hotel lobby is lit using Philips LuxSpace and Spot LED 3 luminaires.

    We were
    most fortunate

    to have Philips on hand last year during the massive renovation of our hotel, as they have proven to be a valuable partner. We’re now not only caring for the environment, but our costs are right down and our guests are enjoying the wonderful atmosphere created with this enhanced technology.”


    -Hansjörg Hefel, General Manager Marriott Hotel Frankfurt

    Guests enjoy drinks at the Marriott Frankfurt Hotel bar, by the light of Philips LED Lighting

    Customer challenge


    As the tallest hotel in the city, The Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt is quite literally a high achiever. When the hotel wanted to revitalize its image, Philips was tasked with renovating the lights in the Conference Center and ballrooms.

    Philips spotlight lighting in the meeting rooms helps to revitalize the Marriott Hotel Frankfurt's

    The right lighting


    With 25 modern conference rooms and 774m2 of ballroom space to renovate, there was a lot of work to be done. However, this was a great opportunity to replace the existing halogen lamps, which were outdated and power-guzzling, with modern ones.

    LED hotel lighting was a welcome arrival. For general lighting, the rooms in the Conference Center were equipped with LuxSpace and Spot LED 3 recessed luminaires. These fixtures create a bright and enjoyable atmosphere, and can be dimmed to make the ambience more relaxing. LuxSpace was also used in the ballrooms, along with StyliD recessed luminaires for accent lighting. The upgraded lighting creates a welcoming, sparkling ambience that enhances the guest experience.

    The new fixtures are controlled by a DALI system, which allows the entire lighting solution to be fine-tuned according to the user’s requirements. This control also helps to save energy, as lights can be dimmed when there is enough natural light present. As a result of the hotel lighting upgrade, the renovations have improved the guest experience, and are helping to boost its reputation.

    The LuxSpace and Spot LED 3 luminaires are deliver a 50% saving in power consumption.


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