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    Wine distribution reaches

    new heights

    with tailored LED lighting

    WineWorks, Marlborough, New Zealand

    Find out how WineWorks reduced energy consumption and also made operations safer and more pleasant.
    Watercare, Auckland Case Study

    are safer,

    and more pleasant. Employees are much happier working in areas that are well lit. As a company that aims to be an employer of choice, this is another way we can improve things for our staff. Cost-effectiveness is definitely a factor due to the significant power consumption compared to older lighting technology. This reduced energy consumption also improves our environmental credentials.”

    - Anthony Barnes, Project Manager, WineWorks Marlborough

    Workspace and office lighting by Philips NZ
    Workplace safety and efficient operations using quality LED lighting by Philips NZ

    Customer challenge


    A recent merger, combined with an insatiable appetite for New Zealand wine has seen production soar at the WineWorks Marlborough facility. To ensure their customers could continue to meet this increased demand, in 2015 WineWorks added a 15,000m2 Distribution Centre to their existing bottling and warehouse facility. This created a unique set of lighting challenges. The floor space in the aisles needed to be safely illuminated for staff. At the same time, every shelf in the racking units needed to have the light required for forklift operators to safely load and unload product.

    Warehouse and storage area lighting solutions by Philips NZ

    The safe and pleasant lighting


    One Philips lighting product was uniquely placed to address both requirements. The Philips LED GreenUp Highbay. The GreenUp Highbay uses a special HRO optic. This optic provides a combination of both narrow and wide beam angles. The narrow beam provides the floor space with the light it needs, while the wide beam clearly illuminates all of the shelving areas. The Philips Tango was used for all of the exterior lighting. This energy-efficient solution uses only 200W compared to the 400W soaked up by the Metal Halide lighting it replaced. And while using less power, the Tango provides more illumination – 22000 lumens compared to the Metal Halide!

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