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    Tampere, Finland

    Find out how indirect lighting is making parking easier for drivers in P-Hämppi
    The different coloured lights in P-Hämppi parking garage help drivers remember where they parked their car

    A big
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    has come from the users. They have admired the car park and it has become a new landmark in Tampere."


    - Pasi Nevalainen, Property Manager, Finnpark Oy

    Philips car parking lighting implements indirect lighting in the P-Hämppi parking structure
    The new lights installed by Philips Lighting creates a unique atmosphere at P-Hämppi parking garage

    Customer challenge


    The owners of P-Hämppi wanted to make a car park with a difference. They needed lighting that would make the area comfortable, spacious, and easy to use. The lighting also had to be bright enough to illuminate the car registration plates, which are logged by camera. Could LED help?

    Philips ColorGraze PowerCore and eW Graze Powercore fixtures brightens up the multiple stories of P-Hämppi

    The right lighting 

    Measuring 650 metres long and spaced over two floors, the garage presented some unique opportunities for decorative and functional lighting. The owners were also interested in using environmentally-friendly LED lighting. As a result, Philips set about installing ColorGraze PowerCore and eW Graze Powercore fixtures around the building, creating enjoyable indirect lighting effects.


    "We wanted to create an experience of indirect lighting and a cavernous arched hall” says Timo Meuronen from Aihio-arkkitehdit, the architect involved in the project. “On another level, the different coloured lights impart memories on the human mind helping to recall where a vehicle has been left”.


    The new lights create a unique atmosphere that is a joy to enter, and which makes it easy for motorists to remember where they parked their call. In addition, the lighting meets functional requirements, as the camera system is able to log car registration plates. Lastly, the Ethernet-based Light System Manager monitors movement in the garage and adjusts light levels when people are present.


    P-Hämppi is the first completely LED-lit multi-storey car park in Europe. Making the move to energy-efficient car parking lighting has resulted in significant savings.

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