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    Q8 Qvik to go,
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Find out how energy saving lighting is helping Q8 to save electricity.
    The Q8 Qvik to go cashier area is lit by Philips energy-saving lighting

    The new

    has resulted in much lower electricity consumption – and shops that are more inviting.”


    -Project Manager and architect, Morten Uttrup, Q8

    Multiple Philips LED gas station lighting products help save energy at Q8 Qvik to go in Copenhagen
    The Q8 Qvik to go coolers are illuminated by energy-saving Philips lighting products

    Customer challenge


    Q8 is a climate-friendly petrol provider. As part of its environmental initiatives, the chain refurbished 90 of its service stations into sustainable ‘Qvik to go’ stations. Could LED Lighting assist its energy-saving efforts?

    Philips gas station lighting products cover the ceiling of Q8 Qvik to go store

    The right lighting 

    Q8 has pioneering plans for its stores. The refurbishments include solutions for recycling heat, lowering water consumption and waste, recycling water in the car washes, and reducing electricity use. Modern gas station lighting was to play a big part in the energy savings.


    Philips got to work. The new LED lighting concept includes daylight management, which measures the light outside and adjusts the brightness indoors accordingly. This saves electricity at dusk and during the evenings, as less light is required to create the desired difference to the outside light.


    For in-store product lighting, recessed LED panels and StyliD spotlights are used to enhance appearance with excellent color rendering. Outside of the service stations, CitySwan lights were put in place. The fixture, which won the Danish Design Prize for 2010/2011, has been installed outside to guide visitors around the forecourt. The fixtures are fitted with MASTER LEDbulbs 8W, which provide high-quality light with very low energy consumption.


    The new lights are saving a lot of energy. So much so that the payback on investment will be only three years, thanks to the reduced operational costs. In addition, the new lights last roughly five times longer than traditional bulbs.

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