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    New Zealand

    Z Energy

    Z Energy,
    Auckland, New Zealand 

    Z Energy wanted a solution that reflected its unique brand and corporate values.
    Z Energy, Pukekohe Petrol Station, Auckland, New Zealand

    It is hugely

    important for us that lighting creates an ambiance and that it highlights branding – the brand draws people in and people always want to go to a well-lit place.”


    - Neil Moon, Engineering Manager, Z Energy

    Z Energy, Pukekohe Petrol Station, Auckland, New Zealand

    Customer challenge


    As part of its branding exercise, Z Energy ran a comprehensive campaign asking Kiwis what they wanted out of a New Zealand fuel company. From the survey, high on the list of expectations was creating safe, well-lit spaces. Z Energy also wanted to make sure that the lighting solution will not only help recognize its brand but more importantly, bring safety to its customers, contractors and staff.


    To fulfill these project requirements a full Philips lighting LED solution was chosen, resulting in the Pukekohe station becoming the first petrol station in New Zealand to be 100 percent lit with LEDs, including indoor, outdoor and car-wash lighting.

    Z Energy, Pukekohe Petrol Station, Auckland, New Zealand

    The right lighting 

    To meet the need for safety of customers, contractors and staff, the Philips Mini 300 LED under-canopy lighting solution was used. The long lifetime of the LED reduces potential hazards to contractors, staff and customers caused by bringing in heavy lighting machinery to change lights. Philips LED lighting efficiently spreads light throughout the forecourt, which helps ensure security. Z Energy engineering manager Neil Moon explains, “Improved lighting in the general forecourt and surrounding area reduced dark spots, making the station a safer and more reassuring place for both staff and customers.”


    The retail store was equipped with Philips LED internal lighting solution, which provides a safe and comfortable ambiance and anti-glare covers, while providing flexibility for in-store layout with adjustable features. Philips energy-efficient lighting control solution, Dynalite, was also incorporated to reduce the petrol station’s power consumption and increase the life of lighting installations.


    The car wash, meanwhile, adds in an element of fun to the station with the Philips C-Splash system, which amplifies the experience with waves of color that enhance each wash action along the way. Parking and approach lighting was also installed to ensure that Pukekohe station projected a safe and welcoming light. To make Z Energy’s brand stand out, the Philips LED systems all have an 80+ Color Rendering Index (CRI), which enhances the appearance of colors and images.


    By installing 100 percent LED lighting, Pukekohe station is an exemplary model of how a modern petrol station can be smart, pleasant, safe, and energy efficient, as it now consumes up to 50 percent less lighting energy than with conventional lighting. Z Energy has also saved big on maintenance costs. “This means that the lighting investment required to build the new lighting system will generate a simple payback in less than a year,” adds Philips lighting consultant, Michael Kain.Pukekohe has also become a safer working environment with fewer maintenance hazards. More importantly, the petrol station has illuminated the benefits of LED lighting for Z Energy, both in terms of brand enhancement and energy cost savings. “It is hugely important for us that lighting creates an ambience and that it highlights branding – the brand draws people in and people always want to go to a well-lit place.” explains Moon.The company now aims to install 100 percent LED lighting on all petrol stations including both new builds and the 170 current stations across the country.

    Z Energy
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