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    Warehouse lighting

    Taking storage
    out of the shadow

    Axro warehouse,
    Hamburg, Germany

    Find out how Axro improved working conditions and saved operational costs through lighting.
    New controlled LED lighting solution reaps huge savings for AXRO logistics in Hamburg

    Over 6000 consumable   products are

    stored in our warehouse. Because of this, efficiency is needed – even efficient lighting. We opted for LED lighting for numerous reasons, and with Maxos LED we have an extremely energy-efficient, flexible lighting solution."


    -Steffen Genz, Project Manager AXRO GmbH

    LED high bay lighting and best lighting controls by Philips
    Warehouse lit with Philips industrial lighting

    Customer challenge


    Axro’s outdated lighting system presented several problems. Access to high shelf space was confounded by suspended light fixtures, which were often damaged when pallets were lifted high.


    In addition, low light in some parts of the warehouse made packaging labels hard to read. Axro also needed to reduce C02 emissions in order to receive subsidies from the city of Hamburg. A light renovation was in order.

    LED high bay lighting and best lighting controls by Philips

    The right lighting 


    Axro is a specialist retailer and distributor offering professional solutions for brand name devices, consumables like ink and toner, and OEM replacement parts. Their 20-year old warehouse lighting system, which used suspended fluorescent lamps, was replaced with Maxos LED.


    The new fixtures were placed directly on the ceiling, eliminating the problem of lights being damaged by pallets on the top shelves. In addition, visibility in the warehouse was greatly improved by the bright new lights. The changes mean less damage to packages, and no more struggling to read labels.LED technology helped to lighten the load in other parts of the business, too. Robust Pacific LED moisture-proof lamps were installed in the entrance area of the loading bays, while Luma exterior lighting was added in the courtyard to provide even, glare-fee lighting.


    As a result, drivers now have clearer vision when loading in and out. Office working conditions were also improved by the clean, welcoming light of PowerBalance. In addition, Occuswitch DALI and Dynalite controls were installed, enabling lighting to be controlled everywhere on the basis of attendance and the amount of daylight available.The benefits are crystal clear. The new lighting has not only improved visibility for employees, but it has also reduced operational costs for the company – the new system uses two thirds less energy, and is saving Axro over 1,000 euros per month.


    To make things even better, C02 emission was reduced by 79%, helping Axro to achieve their environmental goals. Lastly, the longer lifetime of the new fixtures means that employees will not have to maintain the ceiling fixtures for 15-20 years.


    The new lighting has reduced energy costs by 67%, about 1000 euros a month. 37% of these savings are as a result of the control systems.In addition, the new lamps will provide 50,000 hours of light, compared to 8,000 hours as provided by the previous system.

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