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    Comfortable light
    for warehouse workers

    Hisab Joker Company,
    Varberg, Sweden


    Find out how Hisab Joker company is creating a productive workspace with LED commercial lighting

    Warehouse of Hisab Joker company illuminated by Philips industrial lighting solutions

    We were

    to find how simple Maxos LED was to install. The entire process went very quickly."


    - Martin Kristensson, Project Manager, Bravida AB

    Customer challenge

    Hisab Joker Company is a forward-thinking seller of gifts, costumes, and home brews. For its new 5,000m2 warehouse, the company needed an energy-efficient, long-lasting lighting solution that would be comfortable for staff to work under.

    The right lighting


    Hisab Joker Company had originally wanted fluorescent lighting. However, industrial lighting provider Bravida AB suggested an alternative. “Because we prioritise products with more efficient energy use, we asked Hisab Joker whether they were interested in looking at LED lighting, which they certainly were”, said Project manager Martin Kristensson. “We made a pay-back calculation, which showed that the extra cost of investing in LED lights would be paid back within five years”.


    Maxos LED was chosen for the warehouse. It provides a comfortable working atmosphere with its warm white light, which is similar to fluorescent lighting. Because the warehouse personnel use forklifts to raise products up to high shelving, there was some concern that LED lighting would be too sharp. This concern was solved with dimmer switches that adjust individual lights.


    A total of 220 fixtures were installed. Each fixture consumes 49w, compared to equivalent fluorescent tubes, which are rated 170w. In addition to the energy savings, Maxos LED also lowers maintenance costs. The LED fittings have a lifetime of 50,000 hours, so Hisab will not have to replace any of them for 20–25 years. By comparison, fluorescent tubes would need changing every five years.


    By investing in LED commercial lighting instead of fluorescent tubes, energy costs have been cut by approximately €6,200 a year, and CO2 emissions by approximately 70%.

    Saving energy
    with LED

    The team

    Bravida AB, Martin Kristensson


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