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    Making a giant space


    Lidl Distribution Center,
    Heerenven, The Netherlands

    Find out how LED warehouse lighting is making the Lidl Distribution Center a shining example of sustainability
    People attending a presentation in the Lidl Distribution Center warehouse lit by Philips Lighting

    This distribution centre
    reflects everything

    Lidl stands for: sustainability, efficiency, state-of-the-art logistics and equipment. We have succeeded in building the most sustainable distribution centre in the Netherlands.”


    - Séverine van Tuyll van Serooskerken, Press Officer Lidl Netherlands

    People are amazed by the sustainable lighting in the Lidl Distribution Center warehouse.

    Customer challenge


    Lidl is one of the largest grocery retailers in Europe. In Heereven, the company opened a new distribution center that spans 46,000m2. Philips was tasked with providing an eco-friendly lighting system that would help Lidl set new standards in sustainability.

    The right lighting

    Lidl’s distribution center is at the forefront of sustainable construction. The gas-free building uses a thermal energy storage system, which derives heat directly from the soil. It also utilizes environmentally friendly refrigerants to cool and freeze products. In addition, triple glazing and insulation minimize heat loss, making the building highly energy-efficient.


    To complete the setup, cutting-edge sustainable lighting was needed. The distribution centre was equipped with Philips Maxos LED Industry, which creates a bright and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, the building was fitted with control systems that use presence detectors to turn lights off when rooms are empty. There is also a daylight-based dimming system that adjusts the lamps according to the amount of natural light entering the building.

    The power-efficient lights and smart control systems lead to an energy saving of 45% a year in comparison with traditional fluorescent strips. The new lighting has helped create the most sustainable distribution center in the Netherlands.

    Thanks in part to the energy-efficient lighting, the Lidl distribution center was awarded a 4-star BREEAM-NL certificate for sustainability. It is the first building of its kind to earn these impressive credentials.

    Creating comfort
    with light

    The Team

    Lidl Netherlands


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