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    Philips Lightvibes

    True Immersive Cinema

    Philips LightVibes

    True Immersive Cinema

    Philips LightVibes

    True Immersive Cinema

    Expand potential of theatres


    Philips LightVibes® transforms the cinema experience by bringing new excitement and impact to musical performances, live broadcasts, feature films, advertising, and other on-screen content.


    LightVibes is a revolutionary innovation that delivers compelling, subtle ambient lighting to every viewer’s peripheral vision, intensifying the experience of watching on-screen content while enhancing the architectural qualities of the auditorium; music, film, events, advertising – LightVibes makes it all feel real.

    Capture the imagination


    With LightVibes, performers of all genres can connect with a global audience, making all fans feel like they’re actually attending a concert, opera, play, or other performance.

    Iconic concerts, excited fans


    The special agreement with Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music company, delivers iconic content to theaters that install LightVibes – including fantastic concerts from Morrissey, Queen, the Rolling Stones, and many more.

    Pre-show programming


    LightVibes augments the visual appearance of a theater, creating a lively, welcoming atmosphere even before the main event begins.

    Impact to cinema advertising


    LightVibes doubles the effectiveness of cinema advertising and improves ad recall dramatically by engaging the senses and triggering strong emotions in the audience.

    For cinema owners


    Easy to install and operate, LightVibes brings more excitement to your customers and new profitability to your business. With LightVibes, you can take advantage of the significant opportunities offered by event cinema. Plus you can offer exclusive concerts thanks to a special agreement between Philips and Universal Music Group. and your partner for innovation.

    For content creators


    LightVibes translates screen content into new, subtle lighting effects in the theater. These effects are focused around the screen and are designed to enhance (but never interfere with) the action on-screen.

    It opens up new possibilities for music labels, film studios, advertisers, event promoters, and others in the entertainment.

    Cooperation Universal
    Music Group

    Immersive music concerts

    Philips announces collaboration with Universal Music Group to bring fully immersive music concerts into theaters. The collaboration is set to be officialy was launched at CinemaCon2015 in Las Vegas (20-23 April).


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    Expand Audience & Seize Opportunities

    LightVibes lets you move beyond traditional feature films and diversify into new areas, from pre-show programming to event cinema. Concert films, live simulcasts of opera and theater, and other events let you attract new, enthusiastic audiences willing to pay a premium for an exceptional experience.

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