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        Product family information

        SmartBright Highbay is a high efficient and reliable LED luminaire. Designed as the point to point replacement for HPI 250 W/400 W luminaires, it offers customers all the benefits of LED lighting – reduced energy consumption, longer service time and less maintenance. In addition, with the high quality of the optical cover, it provides an excellent quality of light, which effectively improves the comfort of your environment.


        Energy saving up to 65% comparing to HPI-P system
        Comfort light quality
        Safe & Reliable
        Easy installation and retrofitting


        High efficacy: 120 lumens per watt
        High-quality optical lens cover
        Lifetime of 30,000 hours @ Ta35⁰C with end-to-end Philips production quality assurance
        Full family is in compliance with CB and EMC norms
        Suitable for pole, hook, bracket mountings


        Industry : Factories, warehouses, workshops, assembly lines, etc.
        High ceiling indoors: Shopping centres, airports, stadiums, etc.
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