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        UniFlood M is a modular, rectangular-shaped, cost-effective and exterior-rated architectural LED floodlight that is designed for façade, landscape and outdoor floodlighting applications.The robust mechanical design and highly efficient optical design make it ideal for illuminating multi-storey exterior facades, bridges landmarks and monuments.Available in white, monochromatic colours, RGB, RGBW and tunable white.Eight different spread lenses ranging from narrow spot, to wide flood and a DMX512/RDM control option available to give architects and designers the freedom to explore a wide range of concepts and design with no limitations.


        Each head can be tilted separately.
        Each head can be controlled separately (optional)
        Eight different spread lenses ranging from narrow spot to wide flood
        DMX512/RDM control option
        1-foot-candle at up to 200 m
        Robust Design and IP66 rating for outdoor use


        Standard: RGBW, RGB, 2,700 K, 3,000 K and 4,000 K
        Optional 5,000 K, Monochromatic Colours and Tunable White
        Flexible lengths from 300 to 750 mm
        Adjustable tilting angles for each head and for the whole set
        Steel brackets


        Bridges, Monuments, Facades
        Parks and plazas

        Warning & Safety

        For outdoor use only.
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