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    Tunnel lighting


    Tunnel lighting services


    Tunnel lighting is a highly technical and complex application. Not many companies possess the necessary in-house capabilities. Philips therefore offers a complete end-to-end services package to help and relieve you in delivering the project in its entirety and protecting your investment.


    We recognize the importance of creating a partnership to deliver the demands of all key aspects of your asset from advisory services, project management through to lifecycle contracts and financial solutions. We offer single source supply of the total intelligent lighting system, so are able to integrate all components. Our services optimize and value engineer total system performance and deliverables.

    Advisory services

    Often, complete project design criteria information is not available, which can result in non-compliance and misinterpretation of design requirements. As part of the solution service, we offer advisory services to maximize the benefits of the asset design and specification compliance.


    • Maintenance, operational and life expectancy performance analysis
    • Structural geometry and portal luminance evaluation
    • Energy calculations and annual consumption advice
    • Compliance checks to current lighting standards
    • Lighting design criteria and product specifications advice
    • Full lighting design proposals in accordance with client specifications
    • Principal inspection

    Project Services

    With our turnkey project supply approach, we are able to deliver projects from concept to completion to meet the demands of the project stakeholders. The scope of our involvement can be requirement specific or taking complete responsibility of an end-to-end project. Realization of the key areas of the project is important. We can provide several project services:


    • Application engineering
    • Contractor liaison
    • Factory acceptance testing
    • Logistic support
    • Installation and commissioning
    • System integration
    • Site acceptance testing

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    Philips offers complete end-to-end services that will help you with several tasks and minimize the risk of your investment. Our services are available separately or can be combined to create a tailor-made package, guaranteeing a coordinated turnkey solution.

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