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Edeka Glückstadt,

Find out how supermarket lighting has created a better shopping experience at EDEKA
The meat section at Edeka Glückstadt illuminated by enhanced Philips Lighting solutions to improve freshness and appeal of meat

All of our requirements
have been fully met.


Now our store is extremely inviting, and looks very high quality. Wherever you go, you get the impression that the products are fresh and of excellent quality.”


- Jan Frauen, Managing Director of EDEKA Frauen

The vegetables section at Edeka Glückstadt lit by Philips Lighting's fresh food solutions
Philips Lighting illuminating the freezer cabinets at Edeka Glückstadt improving attractiveness with energy saving solutions

Customer challenge


EDEKA group is pushing food retail in Germany forwards. With around 11,700 stores and an annual turnover of 44.8 billion, it is the country’s supermarket chain. When its Glückstadt branch was in need of a light renovation, Philips was brought in to help.

The right lighting 

Food isn’t the only thing that EDEKA Group cares about. The company also takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, and wanted to introduce a lighting system that would save energy. At the same time, it was vital to give customers a superb shopping experience by creating an attractive, elegant atmosphere.

The entire store was fitted with modern LED lights, which provide clear visibility and a welcoming ambience. To cope with the low false ceilings, a non-linear version of Maxos LED was chosen. Its excellent color saturation and bright illumination ensures that customers can read signs and product packaging easily. For the meat counter, LuxSpace Accent Rose LED was selected due to its warm light spectrum, which highlights the meat without heating or discoloring it.

The store has been brought to life by the new supermarket lighting, which provides structure, security and a feeling of wellbeing. And because of the energy-efficient performance of modern LED lights, the store will use less electricity and produce less C02 than it would with conventional lighting systems.

The modern LED lights installed in the store will last for up to 50,000 hours, saving EDEKA Group money on repair and replacement.

Bringing smiles
  to the aisles

The Team

EDEKA Frauen, Glückstadt, Germany


Jan Frauen, Peter Frauen, Dierk Frauen


Irina Schmolinsky, Philips Lighting

Lighting consultancy

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