Intelligent tunnel lighting

Keep drivers safe throughout your tunnel with intelligent tunnel lighting

Manage tunnel lighting easily

Keep motorists safe with TunneLogic, a complete tunnel lighting control and monitoring system that’s easy to install, use and maintain.

Designed specifically for LED lighting, TunneLogic lets you maximize visibility, safety and a great driver experience along the length of your tunnel.

The system’s easy setup minimizes road closures, downtime and cost. System health information helps you identify and fix faults quickly to protect your investment and keep traffic moving.

You can control and monitor your intelligent tunnel lighting system via a remote monitoring system or SCADA network.

Optimize lighting and safety with a tunnel lighting system built specifically for LED lighting technology

TunneLogic benefits at a glance

Optimize lighting throughout your tunnel

Decrease the black hole effect to maximize safety with L20 tunnel controls built specifically for LED lighting technology.

Minimize tunnel closures

Plan routine maintenance more efficiently with continuous monitoring of smart tunnel lighting.

Control and operate your system remotely

Connect to your remote monitoring system or SCADA network to provide even greater control and visibility.

Fast setup

Implement your new smart tunnel lighting rapidly with plug-and-play installation and easy configuration.

Reduce operational cost

Energy-efficient LED lighting delivers a great driver experience at lower cost.

What’s possible with TunneLogic

TunneLogic from Philips lighting is a tunnel lighting control and monitoring system that is specifically designed for LED technology.

How it works

Different tunnels and underpasses demand different tunnel lighting configurations. With TunneLogic you have a flexible tunnel lighting system that can be tailor-made to your specific project requirements. Choose the configuration to match your tunnel needs. 


Master Control Unit (MCU)

Allows you to monitor and control your luminaires. If you wish, you can link it to your SCADA management system.

DALI group gateways

Network-based systems that control your smart tunnel lighting.

Luminance meter

Measures light output from your LED tunnel lighting to check it’s optimal for drivers and alerts your MCU if not.

LED Luminaires

Seamlessly integrate with your tunnel lighting system providing the right lighting levels at every stage.

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