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        HID ignitors for semi-parallel systems


        Will only work with semi-parallel ballasts
        Digital versions ensure longer lifetime than series ignitors
        Silent operation


        Semi-parallel ignitor will only work in semi-parallel circuits and must be matched with relevant ballast
        Ignitors equipped with screw terminal blocks as standard
        Lightweight and compact products
        Current flows through ignitor only at lamp start-up


        Electromagnetic system requires ballast, ignitor and capacitor
        Designed to work only in semi-parallel circuits: if ballasts with “L” in their description (e.g. BSN 100 L307…) are used, SN(D)… ignitors are required; if ballasts with “K” in their description (example BSN 100 K307…) are used, SK(D)… ignitors are required. Capacitor value to match system power can be found on lamp/ballast combination sheet
        No ignitor needed for SON-I lamps


        Outdoor lighting
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